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Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Our Services

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Can I Send Mail
To My Box And
Have It Forwarded
Someplace Else?


We Forward Mail


is mail forwarded
to me?

US Priority Mail

Unless you dictate otherwise.
Our Mail Forwarding Service
can be very personalied!

You dictate the terms
of this servie and we act
as your agent,in your behalf.

are your
Forwarding Fees?

$3.50 service charge

postage charges

Free Website, Web Hosting

What Would

Your Name/ Business Name
815 n> La Brea Ave.#____(box nbr)
Inglewood, CA.90302

How Long
Have You Been
In Business?

Since 1979

  • many 3rd Generation Customers
  • Same Address since 1979
  • Stable Price Structure
  • No Complaints

Our Customers live in Singapore, Canada, Iran,
all of Los Angeles County and the rest of
California, as well as New York,

Panama,Mexico,just about everywhere...

Why are your
Rates so low?

Low Overhead,

  • Plain and Simple
  • Customers don't leave
  • because of our rates
  • Our personalized service
  • Happy personnel
  • we are good people!

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